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A Bohemian Retreat in Jericó, Antioquia

You never know what you might find unless you venture off and have a look. By chance, we had a look through an open door during a walk and found this artsy hidden gem in Jericó.

Bomarzo hallway with painting on each wall and a window at the end

by Sylvia Marie

27 de sept de 2023

Walking down the street along the façades of the colorful colonial buildings in Jericó, we peeked through an open door to our left and saw a large open space that looked like the outdoors, but inside. Curiosity led us in—or out?—and to our delight, we entered a lively bohemian nook tucked away among all these sleepy abodes on calle 7.

A divine mix of art, bougainvilleas, handicrafts, books, a tavern, a hostel, and live music made up this secluded area. It was one of those eclectic places where you didn’t quite know what it was, where to go, or what to look at but you didn’t want to leave just yet.

After doing some more research about the place, I learned that apart from being a cultural center, they also offer residency for artists.

Outside Bomarzo in Jerico, Colombia

The central area is all open, surrounded by the various parts of this cultural center

From religion to the bohemian scene

This place was built in 1915 and started off as a monastery that housed nuns for half a decade. It then became an all-girls high school followed by a sanctuary for homeless children run by nuns until the year 2000. By that time, economic difficulties arose and made it hard to maintain the building and all its inhabitants, which led to its eventual abandonment.

About 15 years later, Fernando Fernández, an artist who had carried a project in his mind for many years, arrived in Jericó. When he saw the old decaying monastery, he finally discovered the place to materialize his ideas and that’s how Bomarzo came to be.

"My dream is to convene artists in the same space because when they are together, they have the ability to create more and better," says Fernando Fernandez.

Shops with art, pottery, books and a chess game set up

Inside different locales at Bomarzo

When in Jericó

If ever you are in Jericó, Colombia, visiting this colorful town in the Antioquia department, be sure to stop by the monastery turned cultural center and maybe even grab a drink and stay for the night or if you are an artist, apply for a residency at Bomarzo and stay longer.

Here is a link to their website:

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