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A Time Capsule in the Heart of Lisbon

Is it a museum? Is it a bar? Whatever it is, it is a must-see when in this enchanting European city.

A Time Capsule in the Heart of Lisbon

by Sylvia Marie

22 de nov de 2023

In a city known for its culinary delights, beautiful architecture, and vibrant nightlife, Lisbon's Principe Real neighborhood harbors a true enigma, The Pavilhão Chinês Bar. Hidden discreetly in plain sight, this spot offers a distinctly relaxed and retro-chic vibe, setting it apart from the city's bustling streets.

Step into the Past

Once you've located the unassuming entrance on Rua Dom Pedro V, you must ring the doorbell and wait to be let in. Upon entering through the large red door, you will be transported to a bygone era where dim lighting, red carpeted floors, and extravagant antique chandeliers create a romantic homage to days gone by. A time capsule in Lisbon, this bar is packed to the brim with vintage toys, trinkets, and curiosities that could fill your grandparents' attic. It's like stepping into a clandestine portal to the past.

large colorful toys and elements that look circus-like

Mixing up some drinks at Pavilhão Chinês | Photo by Sylvia Marie

Cocktail Connoisseur's Haven

Literally bursting at the seams with charm, The Pavilhão Chinês is the ideal place to grab a drink and unwind. The bar's cocktail menu is an expansive journey through mixology, offering classics and creative concoctions to suit every palate. Their bartenders, duly dressed in red waistcoats and black bowties, will whip up your perfect drink.

A Visual Feast

Billiard tables, antique chandeliers, military artifacts, artwork, native masks, ceramic beer mugs, miniature dolls, maps, hand fans, carpeted rooms, old photos, etc. are just a small taste of what you can expect to see in this impressive display of one man’s lifelong collection. The eclectic decor ensures your eyes and mind will be constantly wandering and admiring every nook and cranny, making a new discovery each visit.

A sign saying: I love oranges and a quote on a wall outdoors

Pavilhão Chinês | Photo by Sylvia Marie

Time Travel, One Drink at a Time

This place isn't just a bar; it's a portal to the past, a sanctuary where the digital world fades into oblivion. Of course, it will be packed with tourists whenever you visit it but that is to be expected in a buzzing city like Lisbon and it should definitely not deter you from at least stopping by for a glance.

So, when in this enchanting city and in search of a different experience and nostalgic adventure, make your way to The Pavilhão Chinês. It's a haven for those who appreciate history, cocktails, and laid-back conversation. Sit back, relax, maybe enjoy a game of snooker, and let this hidden time capsule captivate you.

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