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Share Your Travel Story

Along with traveling, do you have a passion for writing?

I started this travelogue because I wanted a place to share travel stories in an informal way without the need to validate any literary capabilities with degrees in literature, years of professional experience, portfolios, etc.—I just want to write.

Whether you're a seasoned writer, a journalism major, or a wanderer with stories to tell, feel free to share them here. The Vagabond Gazette was created to connect the traveler community and together compose one big story.​

Please note

Although this website is packed with informative content, planned-out itineraries, travel guides, and more, the heart of it lies within the travelogues published on the home page (aka "Travelogue" page) by travelers far and wide. These are stories told by vagabonds alike and can be written how ever: they stand alone and should not be confused with the other more structured content in the "Destination" or "Lifestyle" pages. I am not looking for more content writers at the moment, only travelogues.

Travelogue Requirements

  • be about a current or very recent travel and based on one location at a time

  • written in English in the 1st person (your perspective) and between 500-1200 words

  • come with at least two relevant photos that complement the written story

Your story will not be published if

  • it contains any plagiarism or AI content

  • the photos are not your own or are unclear, bad quality or irrelevant to your written story

  • it is unreadable and contains too many grammar errors

If your travelogue meets all requirements, after you submit it below you will receive an email asking you for the photos. If all is well, expect your travelogue to be published shortly.

Receive monetary support from readers

The Vagabond Gazette is home to all and any traveler who has a story to tell. In the spirit of a sustainable community, it also enables you to receive monetary support from readers for the travelogues you publish here. For this purpose, simply create a free ko-fi account and after submitting your story and photos to The Vagabond Gazette and getting approved, you can then send the ko-fi button HTML link provided to you on your ko-fi "home" page. This button will be visible on your published story here on The Vagabond Gazette and will link directly to your chosen payment method (on the ko-fi plateform).

Not sponsored nor affiliated

The Vagabond Gazette is not sponsored nor affiliated with ko-fi. It never takes any fees or commissions and is not responsible for any payment or other issues related to ko-fi.

Submit your story here 

"And this was really the way that my whole road experience began, and the things that were to come
are too fantastic not to tell."

—Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Thanks for submitting!

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