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This is a collection of all the beautiful banalities that happen every day on this planet documented by all the beautiful people who live them.

October 21, 2023


No matter what region of this beautiful country you visit, all of your senses will come alive. Whether it is hearing the sounds of the macaws calling, the feel of the mist on your skin in the rainforest, the sights of lush green landscapes, the taste of traditional cuisine, or the smell of coffee beans being roasted at a local plantation.

July 15, 2023

A beach shore

When I first arrived, I must admit that I was not immediately impressed. My wooden rental loft was super homely and welcoming but the surrounding area seemed pretty dull and uneventful. We are in Pinheira, a little beach town in the south of Brazil and winter is just

January 8, 2023

Slow Travel, Digital Nomadism, Nepal, Mountains, World, God

The days in Sauraha, at the outskirts of the Chitwan National Park, have been unforgettable! For the first time, both me and Yana saw rhinos in the wild. Notwithstanding their size and unfriendly appearance, they are – at least from a safe distance – cute and quiet animals, just

August 29, 2023

A view of Luxembourg city

When I say hidden depths, I do mean it literally. I am fortunate to have been to the country of Luxembourg twice in the recent past, but somehow managed to elude the city itself, until now. In brief, my first time was to the tiny town of Echternach in July where I had a lovely alfresco lunch in the square before hiking through Wollefsschlucht - or Wolf Gorge. This is a natural sandstone formation that weaves through trees and shadows, into caves and hollows up stone steps to reveal breath-taking views over forests and provides a silent sanctuary the whole way except for the echo of your footsteps. Hardly worth mentioning was my second trip; I was just off a main road at the back of the business district. Arriving late at night and having to set off early in the morning (as I was just in Transit), I saw nothing, did nothing and had no real connection to the place.

June 10, 2023

blue and white church with a tall tree and a sign of Buenavista

Initially, this little sleepy town lost in the mountains of Quindío, Colombia, was just to be another routine stop in our repertoire of Colombian destinations. We booked an Airbnb for a month, randomly, without any prior knowledge of the place. This quaint town in the mountains is

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