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A woman in traditional Colombian outfit selling fruits

Hear from a Local


My name is Santiago and I'm Colombian: born and raised in Medellin, the capital of the mountains. 

Why should people visit your country?

Colombia, a diverse country, offers a wide variety of climates and landscapes, from deserts and paramos to tropical forests and snow-capped mountains, with parts of the ocean and the sea. It is home to an amazing biodiversity, along with diverse indigenous communities and vibrant developed cities, where its people stand out for their friendliness.

What is your favorite thing about Colombia?

One of the things I like the most about Colombia is the great variety of fruits I can choose from all year round. Among the ones I like the most are: granadilla, guanabana, lulo, papaya and mango. 

What are 3 common expressions one might hear when visiting?

  1. "¿Que hubo pues?", "¿Bien o no?", "¿Qué más pues?" - Equivalent to "How are you?"

  2. "A la orden, ¿En que le puedo ayudar?" - It is one of the most common expressions in which people greet you to offer their services when you go to a store or shopping area. For example: "A la orden amor ¿En que le puedo ayudar? Pregunte sin problema." - "At your service. How can I help you? Just ask."

  3. "Dar papaya" - It is a way of telling someone to be careful and not to show valuable or important things anywhere - Example: "No des papaya durante la noche en ese barrio."

What do you recommend to do in Colombia?

Exploring the coffee growing area of Colombia and "pueblear" in this region is a recommendable experience for those who love and are interested in coffee and the coffee tradition. In this region, there are many coffee farms that open their doors to visitors, allowing them to learn about the coffee production process.

Colombia Articles

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